Notice on Visa Polices during the epidemic period Date de publication:: 2020-02-26

All International Students,
According to the latest policies by PRCs Exit-Entry Administration authorities (EEA),the following measures of Visa and Resident Permit for International Students are taken during the period of Epidemic Prevention and Control:
I International students who are currently staying in mainland China and unable to extend their visas due to the delayed opening of Spring Semester of 2019-2020 academic year shall be given a lighter or mitigated or be exempted from punishment,and the relevant visa extension procedures will be arranged after the Spring Semester begins.
II International students who are currently outside mainland China and cannot return to school before their current Residence Permit (Study) expired, are suggested to apply for regular visas (eg. L visa, Q2 visa) to enter mainland China. Furthermore, with school’s authentic documents, international students will be granted Residence Permits (Study) directly without JW 202 form and medical check-up report required.
You can click here to follow latest Q&ampA released by NIA (English Version).
We fully understand your concern about the novel coronavirus outbreak,the Chinese government has taken extraordinary steps to prevent and contain the epidemic and WHO stressed that it does not recommend limiting trade and travel.
In the last several weeks,you must have received messages and phone calls from your head teacher or International Student Affairs Office,inquiring about your whereabouts and health conditions.Your prompt reply is the best support for us.
We just want you to know, your safety and health has always been our top priority,and again we would like to remind you the following tips:
I Follow our official website for latest notices on the specific starting date of Semester Spring 2020, DO NOT return to school without notification or approval.
II Practice proper personal Hygiene and stay healthy during the epidemic prevention and control.
III Keep close contact with your head teacher and International Student Affairs Office, promptly inform us your travel itinerary and whereabouts,cooperate actively when health check required.
We will try our best to facilitate the visa application and extension for all our international student.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
Emergency Contact
Mr Zhang Ge

International Education Center
February 1,2020

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