Notice on 2023 Winter Vacation for Intl Students Date de publication:: 2023-01-16

Dear Intl Students,

In line with the GDUT calendar, the Winter Vacation is coming soon and we would like to remind you of having a PEACEFUL and SAFETY holiday.

I Vacation Arrangement for Students

7 January 2023 to 16 February 2023

II 2023 Spring Semester

1. For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Registration Time: 17 February 2023 to 18 February 2023

Class Start: 20 February 2023 (Monday)

2. For Chinese Language Students

Registration Time: 17 February 2023 to 18 February 2023

Class Start: 27 February 2023 (Monday)

III Warm Reminders

1. Personal Safety. During the holiday, personal safety is the FIRST.Try to AVOID going to either extremely crowded public areas or strange place alone in the night. For those who drive motor vehicles and electric bikes, please make sure that you do not speeding or overloaded. All vehicles and bikes must be registered and licensed at police station before hitting the road. Drunk driving and drag racing are strictly prohibited to protect yourself and others.

2. Property Safety. Please make sure that you have closed all doors and windows before going out. Pay attention to your valuables, such as passport, wallet and mobile phones etc. during your trips. Do remember not carry large amounts of cash when going out to avoid pickpockets.

3. Personal Health. Please avoid overeating and excessive drinking during the holidays. Say no to drugs. When necessary please contact teachers for help or directly report to the police. In addition, it’s getting cold in Guangzhou so please keep warm and exercise regularly to avoid illness.

4. Be Cautious of Fraud. GDUT and other legal institutions will never ask you to transfer money to any personal account via phone or message. Therefore if you have received such calls or messages, please ignore them directly or contact teachers or police for help. Please be very careful when shopping online and make sure you pay on official websites. Always remember: No quick response and Double Check! Think about your recent behaviors and call your family member to confirm they are all right. If you got any troubles or problems, no hesitate to CALL “110” and ask for help.

5. Visa Services. According to the relevant regulations of China, Foreigners withholding short term visas other than student visa cannot be admitted to study in China. For those who apply to study in China for long term must have X1/X2 visa issued by Chinese Embassy or Consulate abroad or Residence Permit issued by Immigration Office.

Please be reminded to double check if you have the X1/X2 visa or valid Residence Permit on your passport before you enter China. Attention! If you come to China with L visa (Tourist visa) or without a visa, you must leave the China before current visa expires and apply for a student visa to re-enter. Please contact International Student Affairs Office if you have any visa problems.

6. COVID-19 Prevention. Be careful of personal hygiene, wash your hands often, keep your room well ventilated and wear your mask in the public places.

IV Office Duty

Tel.: 37626172

Add.: Room 721, Library Building, Dongfeng Campus, GDUT

If you need urgent assistance, please call one of the following numbers: Public Security: 110 Fire: 119 Emergency Medical Services: 120.

In case of any emergency, please keep in touch with your headteacher, counselor or International Student Affairs Office, and make sure you stay informed or be availabel on your phone or wechat.

V 2023 Intake Enquiry

During the winter vacation, any applicants can scan the QR Code below for admission enquiry,which is refreshed every 7 days.Please follow the updates.

( Scan the QR code for Enquiry)

We sincerely wish you all a nice and safe winter holiday!

International Exchange College

3 January 2023

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