2024 Summer Guangdong University of Technology Language and Culture Experience Program LCE Date of release :: 2024-05-22

In order to meet the demands of learning Chinese language and understand China,International Exchange College currently offers a Summer Chinese Language and Culture Experience Program (LCE) for Chinese culture lovers. It is committed to improving overseas learners' Chinese listening and speaking ability, providing overseas learners with a diversified platform to understand Chinese culture, especially extensive and in-depth Chinese-foreign cultural exchange events, varied field trips and hands-on activities are included.

I.Program Highlights

Cross-cultural communication and multicultural experience; Professional international Chinese teaching; Experience the life in China's pioneering experimental zone of reform and opening-up.

II.Main Courses

i.Chinese courses: Mainly listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese.

ii.Cultural Immersion Activities: Cultural seminars with the topics of contemporary Chinese history, geography, society, calligraphy, customs, traditional sports, etc.Extracurricular activities included tours to local enterprises, museums or other places of interests (Extracurricular activities are self-paid).


i.Program Duration: From 8 July to 12 August 2024

ii.Application Deadline: June 15, 2024 (Mon.)

iii.Application Requirements

1.Non-Chinese with a valid foreign passport, aged between 18 to 60 (inclusive).

2.Be in good mental and physical health,and be friendly to China,without criminal records.

ⅳ.Application Registration (Submit scanned copies online)

1.Visit, click the "Online Application" and then proceed with the application, or visit and continue with a guideline. After registration, please complete the "GDUT Application Form for International Students" (for Language Study) correctly and completely within the application period, and upload the supporting documents and pay the application fee as required.

2.Photocopy of valid passport information page.

3.If necessary, university will require applicants to submit supplementary documents.

ⅴ.Program Fees

Tuition: 3000RMB/ 4 weeks; Application fees: 400RMB/person.


The program tuition fee does not include off-campus practice experience fee and insurance fee. Participants must purchase relevant insurance, and off-campus practice experience fee and insurance fee shall be borne by individuals.

ⅵ.Visa, Insurance and Accommodation

1.Visa: Admitted applicants must bring the valid passport, Admission Letter, Visa Application Form to the local Chinese Embassy/Consulate or other official missions authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to apply for a student visa (X1/X2 visa).The Visa Application Form for foreign students has been digitally certified. Students who study for 180 days or longer shall be certified with JW202 FORM;Students who study less than 180 days shall be certified with the new DQ FORM;

Please be assured that the validity of your passport can cover the study period when submitting the online application. The passport shall not be renewed and the passport number shall not be changed until your registration on campus in GDUT. Otherwise your JW202/DQ FORM will be invalid.

2.Insurance: International students must purchase insurance according to relevant national regulations and school requirements. Students must purchase insurance in China before the program starts or within the specified period.


On-campus:International students who want to live on campus are required to make a reservation in advance. Deposit for on-campus accommodation is RMB 1,500/person, which will be refunded if no any damages to accommodation facilities upon check-out. Dormitory fees shall be charged in accordance with relevant regulations of the university.Bills of campus WIFI service, bedding, water and electricity are not included. Fees above-mentioned are subject to change.

Off-campus:International students who need to dwell off campus must submit application for off-campus dwelling and obtain the consent from the school. Off-campus dwelling international students must abide by Chinese law and regulations, register your accommodation at the local police station within 24 hours of your arrival; and you can't work in China without permission of the competent authorities of the Chinese.


i.Application fees and materials are non-returnable.Program schedule is subject to actual execution plans.

ii.In case of any inconsistency, the Chinese version shall prevail. International Exchange College reserves the right of final interpretation.


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