2022 National Day Holiday Notice Date de publication:: 2022-09-27

All Intl Students,

According to the university schedule, the arrangement for National Day Holiday is as followed.

I Holiday Arrangement

The National Day Holiday is from 1 October (Saturday) to 7 October (Friday) 2022, for a total of 7 days.

1. For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

A.The courses from 1 October (Saturday) to 7 October (Friday) 2022 are cancelled

B.The courses on 6 October (Thursday) are shifted to 8 October (Saturday)

C.The courses on 7 October (Friday) are shifted to 9 October (Sunday).

2. For Chinese Training Students

7-day holiday is from 1 October to 7 October 2022.

II Office Duty

1. 1 October, Mr Huang,Tel.:37626172

2. 2 October, Ms Zhuang,Tel.: 37626172

3. 3 October, Mr Zhang,Tel.: 37626172

4. 4 October, Ms Xie,Tel.: 37627482

5. 5 October, Mr Li,Tel.: 37626172

6. 6 October, Mr Xu,Tel.: 37627647

7. 7 October, Ms Ye,Tel.: 37626172

III Kindly Reminder

We would like to kindly remind you again, keep yourself and others safe. During the pandemic, please continue practicing proper personal hygiene and actively cooperate when measures are taken to prevent the risks caused by COVID-19.

Any emergency, please contact us ASAP.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


27 September 2022

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