Notice on 2022 Qingming Festival Date de publication:: 2022-04-06

All Int’l Students,

According to the university notice, the arrangement for 2022 Qingming Festival is as follows.

I Teaching Arrangement
The Qingming Festival is from 3 April (Sunday) to 5 April (Tuesday) 2022, for a total of 3 days.
1. For Undergraduate and Graduate Students
1) Courses on 4 April (Monday) are shifted to 2 April (Saturday).
2) Retake courses, subsidiary courses, optional courses and examinations on 3 April proceed as scheduled.
3) Courses on 5 April (Tuesday) are canceled.

2. For Chinese Training Students
The courses from 3 to 5 April are canceled.

II Duty Arrangement
3 April (Sunday), Mr Huang,Mr Zhang, Tel.: 37626172,18928968997
4 April (Monday), Ms Zhuang, Tel.: 37626171,15914219031
5 April (Tuesday), Ms Ye, Tel.:37626172,13602431203

III Kindly Reminder

At present, the world is still mired in a challenging battle against COVID-19 and many Chinese provinces and cities are grappling with local infections.
We would like to kindly remind you again, please continue practicing proper personal hygiene and abide by the COVID-19 prevention and control measures taken by local governments and the university during this special period.

Any emergency, please contact us.

1 April 2022

【Qingming Festival】
Qingming Festival,around the 5 April every year, has been one of the traditional festivals in China for thousands of years. On this day people go to the tombs of their ancestors and relatives, clean their graves, hold memorial ceremonies and pay their respects to them.

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