Safety Tips and Warm Reminders for 2022 Winter Vacation Date de publication:: 2022-04-06

Dear International Students,

In line with the GDUT calendar, the 2022 Winter Vacation for students is from 15 January to 17 February. We would like to remind you of having a PEACEFUL and SAFETY winter holiday.

I COVID-19 Prevention

During the winter vacation, IEC might continue to collect your health and personal information via WeChat or online questionnaire. For public health safety, please continue to practice proper personal hygiene, update your healthy and personal information as required, minimize unnecessary outings and gatherings especially during the pandemic. Students shall abide by the laws and regulations and actively cooperate when measures are taken to prevent the risks caused by COVID-19, students shall not report late, omit, conceal or misrepresent epidemic information.Anyone who refuses to cooperate, withholds information on purpose, and therefore causes the spread of the virus will be punished according to laws and regulations.

II Report Travel and Residence History

If you must travel,you should present valid PCR test results taken within 48 hours and notify your class head teacher in advance before leaving Guangzhou. The fever patients and people with "yellow codes" must cooperate with health monitoring and testing, and refrain from travel until the risk of infection has been ruled out. If you come to Guangzhou from other provinces and cities, you should also take a PCR test within 24 hours. Keep an eye on health code when receiving reminders or messages, you might take actions including taking PCR tests. Be alert to your own health condition, seek medical treatment immediately if you feel unwell, and report your residence and travel history to medical institutions.

III Be Cautious of Fraud

GDUT and other legal institutions will never ask you to transfer money to any account via phone or message. Therefore if you have received such calls or messages, please ignore them directly or contact teachers or police for help and confirm. Please be very careful when shopping online and make sure you pay on official websites. Always remember: No quick response and Double Check! Think about your recent behaviors and call your family member to confirm they are all right. If you got any troubles or problems, no hesitate to CALL "110" and ask for help.

IV Campus Management

According to the related regulations and COVID-19 situation, it is not recommended that all students including Chinese and international students continue to stay at the dormitory during winter vacation. The dormitories deny access of all kinds of visitors. Students who are staying in the University must strictly implement the Universitys regulations of epidemic prevention and control. Never leave the campus without approval. Students who need to go out of the campus should apply to International Students Affairs Office in advance.

V Keep in Touch with Counselor

For Students in China: No matter where you are, please be available on your phone and WeChat. Also pay close attention to the updates provided by teachers inside the WeChat groups. Make sure you stay informed about epidemic prevention and control, the registration information, and make sure you respond in time. Keep in touch with the head teacher,counselor of IEC. In case there are any changes in your whereabouts or physical condition, please get in touch with the teachers.

For Overseas students: Those students who are currently staying abroad and cannot return to school, please keep in touch with the head teacher or counselor through WeChat or Email to get relevant notices on epidemic prevention and the coming spring semester, and respond to relevant inquiries via WeChat or Email in a timely manner.

VI Duty Arrangement

18 to 21 JAN, Administrative staff, Tel.:37626172
       22 to 31 JAN, Mr Huang Xincheng,Mr Xu Wei, Tel.:37626172
       1 to 6 FEB, Mr Zhang Ge, Mr Li Haotian, Tel.:18928968997, 13631303924

7 to 13 FEB, Ms Ye Jiayi, Ms Zhuang Lanfang, Tel.:13602431203, 15914219031

14 to 18 FEB, Administrative staff, Tel.:37626172

Any emergency, please contact us.

Office: Room 721,Library Building,Dongfeng Campus,GDUT

Add.: No.729 Dongfeng Dong Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

Wish you good health and enjoy your winter vacation!


January 2022

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