2021 New Years Day Holiday Date de publication:: 2020-12-25

All International Students,

According to the university arrangement, 2021 New Years Day Holiday is from January 1 (Friday) to January3 (Sunday), 2021. The teaching arrangements are as follows.
I For Degree Program Students
1.The courses on January 1 (Friday) are canceled.
2.Retake courses, subsidiary courses, optional courses and examinations proceed as scheduled.
II For Chinese Training International Students
1. The courses on January 1 (Friday) are canceled.
Any questions, please contact us.
Contact: Ms Wang Lijun, Tel.:37627482

Happy New Years Day!


December 25,2020

A. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns. For course-related queries please contact the appropriate lecturer or Academic Affairs Office.
B. Continue to follow the COVID-19 prevention recommendations and requirements from the local government and both the university. This period is the usual peak season for diseases. Protect yourself from the COVID-19 through avoiding group activities and unnecessary outings,paying attention to personal hygiene.

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