Notice No.2 On the Opening of 2020 Spring Semester Date de publication:: 2020-03-03

Dear International Students,

According to the latest release of ME ( Ministry of Education of China ) on February 28,2020 , all the school will not open and students should NOT return to school without confirmed notice. The opening date of Spring Semester will be notified in advance once decided, depending on the prevention and control of COVID-19. During the postponement, all the international students are NOT allowed to return to school without official permission.

The University will implement the campus closed-off management continually. The International Student buildings are also under enclosed management. Please collaborate with the property working staffs on the real-name authentication and body temperature check for any entry or exit. Youre advised to wash the hands and ventilate the room frequently, wear surgical mask if go out, not to dine or gather together. Those whore living off campus or in other cities should abide by the relevant regulations of local government on epidemic prevention and control.

I Registration
The registration for 2020 spring semester will proceed in two steps:
1.Pre-registration: During the postponement, international students shall register with IEC by sending email and following the instructions.
a. For Chinese Language Training Programs students, shall continue email related materials IEC with following instructions.
Class A1, A2, A3, A4, email:
Class B1, B2,C1,甲,乙,丙, email:
Related materials: Receipts of Tuition fee Bank payment and International Students Insurance payment, payment sheets must be noted with personal passport numbers and your complete name which is in accordance with your passport.
b. International Economics and Trade (English-Taught),Computer Science and Technology (English-Taught), and other Chinese-Taught Bachelor,Master and Ph.D degree programs students, continue to register with IEC by sending your student ID, Passport name, passport number by email and following the reply instructions.
2. International students return to school for registration in accordance with further official notice.

II Teaching Arrangement
During the postponement, teachers teaching and students study shall continue. Related courses schedule will be online using web resources and technologies.
1.Post-graduates: Online courses had been offering since February 17,2020. Please continue to check your courses timeable, keep in contact with your supervisor and teachers, and arrange your study and research accordingly.
2. Undergraduates: Including English-Taught and Chinese-Taught programs students, please follow your courses schedule, join your class groups for information and assistance and be prepared to start your online class March 2.
3. Chinese Language Training Programs student: Please join your class group and follow latest information, teach yourself under the teachers guidance and instruction.

III Visa and Residence Permit Arrangement
According to the latest announcement by EEA of China on March 1,2020, visa of all foreigners in China are automatically renewed for 2 MONTHS during COVID-19.
Back to January 29, 2020, EEA announced, International students who are currently staying in mainland China and unable to extend their visas due to the delayed opening of 2020 Spring Semester shall be given a lighter or mitigated or be exempted from punishment,and the relevant visa extension procedures will be arranged after the Spring Semester begins.

IV Personal Health and Whereabouts
In order to ensure the health and safety of all our international students, we will collect the related information of your itinerary and health status.Please respond to the messages and phone calls from your head teachers and other staffs of International Student Affairs Office promptly, make sure the school knows your whereabouts and health information, thus we can make proper arrangement in this coming Spring Semester.
Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

V Office Hour
From March 2,2020 untill the start of 2020 Spring Semester , IEC working hours is as follows.
Monday to Friday,
Morning: 8:30-12:00 am
Afternoon: 1:30-4:30 pm
Tel: 86-20-37626172
Add: Room 721,Library Building, Dongfeng Campus, Guangdong University of Technology,No.729 Dongfeng Dong Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Please feel free to contact us if you do have any question or assistance you might need.
Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated!

International Education Center
Guangdong University of Technology
March 1,2020

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