Notice on 2019 National Day Holiday Date de publication:: 2019-09-26

Dear International Students,
China National Day Holiday is coming and there will be a 7 days holiday from 1st (Tuesday) to 7th (Monday) October 2019.
International Education Center (IEC) wishes you a happy holiday!
According to the university arrangement, the teaching arrangement is as follows:

A. For Degree Study International Students:
7 days holiday will start from 1st (Tuesday) to 7th (Monday) October.
The class on 4th (Friday) October is shifted to 29th (Sunday) September and the class on 7th (Monday) October shifted to 12th (Saturday) October.
The class will continue from 8th October (Tuesday).

B. For Chinese Training International Students:
Holiday will start from 1st (Tuesday) to 7th (Monday) October.
The class will continue from 8th October (Tuesday).

International Education Center
23 September 2019

Safeguard Notice during Holiday
IEC would also like to remind you of the following notice during your celebration in this period.
a. Students are advised not to enter crowded public areas, travel alone, or stay late outside especially during the mid-night in case of any unpleasant accident.
b. Students need to pay more attention to their personal and property safety when they are travelling, shopping or celebrating in the shopping malls, activity centers or other public places.
c. Students are forbidden to wrangle, excessive drinking, or engage in other public distorting activities such as: affect others study and life on campus,as well as any unlawful acts.
d. Students who will travel around shall report to the Apartment and your headteacher of departure &amp return date as well as travel destination and should always take an emergency contact card so that you could get help from the university whenever in trouble or emergency.
e. Slow down while driving non-motor vehicles the pedestrian priority.
f. Students staying on/off campus during the holiday are advised to be careful of electricity using.

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