Notice on 2024 Qingming Festival Date of release :: 2024-03-28

All International Students,

According to the university calendar, the arrangement for 2024 Qingming Festival will be as follows.

I Holiday Arrangement

The Holiday is from 4 April (Thursday) to 6 April (Saturday) 2024, 3 days in total. 4 April is Qingming Festival, courses originally scheduled on 4 April will be canceled.

1. For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

1) Courses on 5 April (Friday) will follow the teaching schedule of Sunday of the 6th teaching week.

2) Courses on 6 April (Saturday) will continue its schedule.

3) Courses on 7 April (Sunday) will follow the teaching schedule of Friday of the 6th teaching week.

2. For Chinese Training Students

Chinese Language Program students have no classes from 4 April (Thursday) to 6 April (Saturday) 2024.

II Duty Arrangement

In case of any emergency,please call the following numbers: Public Security,110; Fire,119; Emergency Medical Services,120.

If you need urgent assistance,please keep in touch with your headteacher,counselor or International Student Affairs Office, and make sure you stay informed or be available on your phone or WeChat.

During the holiday, any supporting services such as admission, visa or residence permit etc.,please scan the QR Code below and join in the WeChat group for assistance,which is refreshed periodically.Please follow the updates.

III Warm Reminders

During the holiday,personal safety is the FIRST.Abide by the laws and related regulations of the People's Republic of China,respect the local customs and habits of the Chinese people.Pay attention to personal health, property safety and be cautions of fraud.

International Exchange College

23 March 2024

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