2022 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice Date of release :: 2022-05-30

All Intl Students,

According to the university notice, the arrangement for 2022 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday is as follows.

I Holiday Arrangement

Holiday from 3 June (Friday) to 5 June (Sunday), for a total of 3 days.

1. For Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Teaching activities originally scheduled between 4 June (Saturday) and 5 June (Sunday) will be continued as scheduled.

2. For Chinese Training Students

The courses from 3 June (Friday) to 5 June (Sunday) are canceled.

II Staff Duty

1. 3 June (Friday),Ms Zhuang. Tel.:37626172

2. 4 June (Saturday), Mr Zhang. Tel.:37626171

3. 5 June (Sunday),Ms Ye,Mr Huang. Tel.:37626172

III Kindly Reminder

At present, the world is still mired in a challenging battle against COVID-19 and many Chinese provinces and cities are grappling with local infections.

We would like to kindly remind you again, please continue practicing proper personal hygiene and abide by the COVID-19 prevention and control measures taken by local governments and the university during this special period.

Any emergency, please contact us.

Have a good holiday!

27 May 2022

Dragon Boat Festiva
The Dragon Boat Festival,also called Double Fifth Festival,is celebrated on May 5th on lunar calendar.It is a folk festival widely spread with a history of over 2,000 years,and is one of the most important Chinese festivals as well. There are various celebrating activities on that day,among which the customs of eating rice dumplings and dragon boat racing are quite important.

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