Notice on 2021 Winter Vacation Date of release :: 2021-01-08

Dear International Students,

In line with the GDUT calendar, the Winter Vacation for students is from 16 January to 25 February 2021. We would like to remind you of having a PEACEFUL and SAFETY holiday.

I Personal Safety
Personal safety is the FIRST.AVOID going to either extremely crowded public areas or strange place alone in the night. No speeding or overloaded when driving, drunk driving and drag racing are strictly prohibited. Drug abuse is strictly prohibited.Be Cautious of Internet Fraud. Keep your personal valuables safe. Improve the awareness of personal information protection, following“广州反诈服务号” WeChat official account (Click to follow), which is to strengthen your anti-fraud awareness.Students RETURNING to school should strictly follow the arrangement and instruction.

II COVID-19 Prevention
During the winter vacation, IEC might continue to collect your health and personal information via WeChat and online questionnaire. For all our safety, please continue to practice proper personal hygiene, update your healthy and personal information as required,minimize unnecessary outings and gatherings especially in medium and high risk areas. Students shall abide by the laws and regulations and actively cooperate when measures are taken to prevent the risks caused by COVID-19, students shall not report late,omit,conceal or misrepresent epidemic information. We will seriously deal with violations of regulations.Click here to apply Suikang Code(点击了解如何申请穗康码).

III Campus Management
According to the related regulations and COVID-19 situation, it is not recommended that all students including Chinese and international students continue to stay at the dormitory during winter vacation.The dormitories deny access of all kinds of visitors.

IV Duty Arrangement
In case of emergency or student affairs issues, including study application, visa and tuition payment etc., please contact the staffs on duty as shown below:

JAN 19 to 25, working days. Administrative staff. Tel.: 0086-20-37626172
JAN 28,Thursday. Mr XU. Tel.: 0086-20-37627647, 13380039533
FEB 4, Thursday. Mr LIU. Tel.: 0086-20-87301049,13570210925
FEB 9, Tuesday. Mr ZHANG. Tel.: 0086-20-37626171,18928968997
FEB 16,Tuesday. Ms XIE. Tel.: 0086-20-37627482,13631469938
FEB 22 to 26, working days. Administrative staff. Tel.: 0086-20-37626172

Duty hour: 9:00-11:30 am, 2:30-4:30 pm
Office: Room 721, Library Building
Tel.: 0086-20-37626172
Add: No.729 Dongfengdong Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

5 JAN 2021

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